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Portable Radio Accessories

Delmarva Communications, Inc. is the leading provider of Motorola radio accessories in the Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, and Baltimore areas. As an Authorized Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer, we are the go-to company for people and businesses looking for the finest quality portable radio accessories in and around DC, DE, PA, NJ, and MD.

Delmarva Communications is your local Motorola Manufacture Representative, which means we can sell to government agencies on local and state levels. We came to be in this position thanks to the incredible service that we provide.

Our dedication to quality customer service in Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, and Baltimore has led us to become the most trusted Motorola radio and accessory supplier in those areas. Our range of mobile radio accessories and pager accessories is truly second to none.

The Number One Portable Radio Battery Supplier

As your local Motorola Manufacture Representative, we're your number one choice for portable radio battery replacement. When it comes to portable radio batteries, you only want the best. The highest quality parts ensure that your radio network is fully operational at all times, and there'll never be any unexpected downtime or damage to any of your goods that comes with using cheap or third-party portable radio batteries.

Portable Radio Chargers You Can Rely On

A good charger is just as important as a good battery, and not using official products could result in you suffering from various issues with your portable radios. For example, you may find that things take a lot longer to charge or that the battery doesn't last as long. You may also realize that you're damaging the longevity of the battery or even your portable radio.

Getting portable radio chargers from an official Motorola Manufacture Representative can help you make your money go further, your radios last longer, and your business's operations run more smoothly. Our range of portable Motorola radios and accessories is the perfect choice for businesses that are looking to upgrade their portable radios.

Delmarva Communications are your local supplier of official Motorola portable radio accessories across DE, PA, NJ, DC, and MD. Browse our full selection to find the right equipment for your team!