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Motorola 0180300E83 - Remote Push-to-Talk Body Switch

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This leaves the user's face unobstructed from an external microphone hence making it more suitable for personnel wearing breathing apparatus, helmet and other protective masks. This ear microphone system is also equipped with an external VOX circuit for total hands-free operation eliminating the need to use the PTT button. All you have to do is speak and your message will be transmitted clearly to the receiving party.

Compatible Motorola Portable Radios :
  • Motorola CP200
  • Motorola CP200XLS
  • Motorola EX500
  • Motorola EX600XLS
  • Motorola HT1250
  • Motorola HT1250LS+
  • Motorola HT750
  • Motorola PR1500
  • Motorola PR400
  • Motorola PR860
  • Motorola XTS 1500
  • Motorola XTS 2500
  • Motorola XTS 3000
  • Motorola XTS 3500
  • Motorola XTS 5000