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Mobile Radio Accessories

Mobile Radio Accessories

Delmarva Communications, Inc. offers high-quality Motorola mobile radio accessories to complement Motorola radios such as the CMD200d/300d and the XPR 5350. We proudly serve those working in law enforcement, construction, public safety, manufacturing, hospitals, security and casinos in Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland and even Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

Choose from our wide selection of mobile radio accessories, including:

Mobile Radio Antennas

Control Station Accessories

Emergency Switches

Handheld Control Head Accessories

Hands-free Accessories

Mobile Microphones and Accessories

Mounting Accessories and Cables

Speakers and Sirens

Wireless Accessories

No matter what accessories you are looking for, Delmarva Communications is your resource for all things Motorola. Browse through our online selection of mobile radio accessories today!

Emergency Switches

Do you find yourself fumbling with your equipment or pulling over to communicate with your coworkers or teammates? Motorola makes emergency switches to make your radio easier to operate, and you can find a wide variety with Delmarva Communications.

You can choose between foot or push-button emergency switches for greater flexibility while driving. Foot Switch Push-to-Talk mounts to your vehicle's floor, so you can operate it hands-free. Push-button switches integrate discreetly with your visor microphone, so you can send the timely messages quicker. You can even send emergency messages to a console that identifies the unit ID and sounds an alarm when necessary.

Mobile Radio Antennas

Mobile radio antennas increase your coverage range in remote areas or concentrate your signal in the city, depending on the model you choose. The vertical signal direction provides the best versatility for transmissions.

There are a number of mounting options to fit your needs, and many even come integrated with GPS features.Our mobile radio antennas aim to give you safer radio operations on the road in Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, DC and Baltimore.

Customer-Centered Motorola Dealer

At Delmarva Communications, we are dedicated to our customers. Since 1991, we have committed ourselves to the communication needs of first responders and other organizations that rely on high-quality equipment in an emergency. We are proud to serve you as a recognized Motorola partner and an Authorized Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer.

Feel free to ask one of our Motorola Manufacture representatives for details or advice on individual products. We are authorized to sell directly to local, state and federal government agencies searching for premier communication equipment.

Proudly Serving DE, PA, NJ, DC and MD

If you're looking for mobile radio accessories such as emergency switches and antennas,look no further! Delmarva Communications also sells Portable Radio Accessories and Pager Accessories for your Motorola devices.

Customers in DE, PA, NJ, DC and MD soon recognize that we operate differently than other dealers. Contact us today for assistance with your order or questions regarding mobile radio accessories or any of our other Motorola pro