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Since 1991, Delmarva Communications, Inc. has been the preferred radio communications company for customers in Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, and Baltimore. We want to be your preferred online Motorola dealers for two-way radios and accessories!!

Motorola Two-Way Radios in DE, MD, PA, NJ and DC

When people count on your organization for efficiency and safety, a reliable communications radio is a job requirement. That's why we only sell Motorola products, which have an impeccable reputation among first responders and government agencies. Consider Motorola portable two-way radios for your communication needs.

MOTOTRBO Portable Radios connect your team members with digital portable radios. Ask us how these products can innovate your workplace with reimagined digital technology. Your team members will love the sleek look and lightweight feel of Motorola digital radios. Find the device that best matches your organization's needs.

One of the Area’s Top Motorola Dealers

Delmarva Communications is the superior choice if you are looking for a friendly and trustworthy radio communications company in DE, PA, NJ, MD and DC. Shop online for the following product lines from a Motorola partner:

Mobile Radios

As Motorola partners, Delmarva Communications is a premier radio communications company. According to our customers, we are the best Motorola dealers in Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland or Baltimore.

Check out the Motorola CM300D two-way radio, featuring a contrasting screen. Drivers won't miss critical information with easy-to-read caller ID alerts. MOTOTRBO Technology brings you two-way radio capability for reliable performance. The innovation design shelters the radio from debris, shock and vibrations for longer-lasting use. The CM300D has outstanding audio output for clear communication, and you can find this model from your friendly radio communications company, Delmarva Communications!

Pager Accessories

Delmarva Communications offers an array of Motorola pager accessories for customers throughout DE, PA, NJ, DC and Baltimore, MD. Take the Motorola Minitor VI Standard Charger Kit, for example. Recharge the Minitor VI battery without removing it from the pager. This makes it easier to grab the pager and go when you need to hurry. Additionally, there's room to charge the spare battery at the same time. This kit includes both the charger base and power supply.

Minitor V1, 1 and 5 Channel Pagers

The Motorola MINITOR VI was created for first responders who need to move quickly for emergency calls, and is available from top radio communications companies such as Delmarva Communications. Enjoy 16 minutes of voice recording and set your call alerts to recognize important numbers. Here are other features common to 1 and 5 channel pagers from Motorola.

  • Voice recording storage
  • Message management
  • Customizable memo announcements
  • Programmable alerts
  • Alkaline battery support

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At Delmarva Communications, we focus on customer needs. Many of our Motorola users serve essential functions critical to the community and economy. That's why we are so committed to keeping up with the latest equipment and features.

Delmarva Communications concentrates on the most reliable Motorola devices on the market. Contact us today for any questions or inquiries about your radio communications needs.