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Delmarva Communications, Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of Motorola pagers for use in a variety of industries and professions. If you're in Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, or Baltimore, we're the company for you. We've helped businesses throughout DE, PA, NJ, MD, and DC with their pager needs, and as a Motorola Manufacture Representative, we're permitted to sell pagers and pager accessories to government agencies on both local and state levels.

Fire Pagers

Emergency services often require pagers in areas where cellular reception is less than adequate. Fire pagers are also a dependable means of communication that are generally more reliable than radio or cell phones. Our pagers from Motorola are solid, robust, and reliable. When you're on the front-line fighting fires, you need something that you can rely on.

Healthcare Pagers

Healthcare communication systems are extremely important. Something reliable with a long-lasting battery is essential. As such, pagers remain an incredibly popular choice among healthcare professionals. Doctor’s pagers are the perfect medium for emergency communication in the healthcare environment.

Healthcare pagers provide a way to communicate confidential information to staff with no disruption to their activities. Doctor’s pagers give them freedom to move around the workplace with the peace of mind that comes from being able to be contacted immediately, if and when they are needed.

Police Pagers

Using police pagers is perfect for officers based in remote areas and even in built-up areas that struggle to maintain cell signal. A pager is a reliable means of instantly contacting officers, wherever they may be. For these reasons, choosing a reliable network of police pagers is essential. Thankfully, the high-quality Motorola pagers that we stock are more than capable of the tasks of daily police work.

Police pagers also double up as security pagers, which have many benefits for security guards over other means of communication. For example, with security pagers, guards can be reached instantly, which will increase the security and peace of mind of other employees. Any disruption to customers and clients is also kept to a minimum, unlike when a loudspeaker system is used.

Our pagers are available to customers in DE, PA, NJ, MD, or DC. We've provided our service to businesses all around Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Maryland, and Baltimore, and have had nothing but positive feedback thanks to our dedication to positive customer experiences.

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