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Motorola PMLN5653 - IMPRES Ear Microphone System with large, protected ring push-to-talk button and one programmable button

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Lightweight earpiece uses bone conduction to pick up the user's voice from bone vibrations in the inner ear and eliminates the need for a boom microphone. No matter how loud the environment is, it will not transmit external noise--only the speaker's voice. When receiving audio, the accessory acts like a normal earpiece, yet still allows you to hear the message loud and clear.

Compatible Motorola Portable Radios :
  • Motorola APX 1000
  • Motorola APX 3000
  • Motorola APX 4000
  • Motorola APX 4000XE
  • Motorola APX 6000
  • Motorola APX 6000XE
  • Motorola APX 7000
  • Motorola APX 7000XE