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Motorola RLN6241 - Low Noise Kit - Clear Acoustic Tube Assembly

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Includes 1 clear rubber eartip. For low-noise environments, does not provide hearing protection, Beige

Extreme Noise Kits provide extra comfort and/or noise protection for users wearing surveillance accessories.

Lightweight, translucent tube attaches to Motorola surveillance accessories to provide flexibility and comfort, which now includes a new quick disconnect adapter. The Quick Disconnect Adapter allows users, especially those in multiple shift operations, to easily remove or alternate acoustic tubes. Clothing clip prevents accessory from being pulled from the ear due to body movement or head rotation. For optimal performance, Extra Loud Earphones are recommended.

Compatible Motorola Portable Radios :
  • Motorola CP185
  • Motorola CP200
  • Motorola CP200d
  • Motorola CP200XLS
  • Motorola EX500
  • Motorola EX600XLS
  • Motorola HT1250
  • Motorola HT1250LS+
  • Motorola HT750
  • Motorola PR1500
  • Motorola PR400
  • Motorola PR860
  • Motorola XTS 1500
  • Motorola XTS 2500
  • Motorola XTS 3000
  • Motorola XTS 3500
  • Motorola XTS 5000