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Wireless Dead Zones: What They Are and How To Combat Them

by Jeff & Shelly Tillinghast

No matter your industry, you want wireless communication that can be heard loud and clear no matter what your location. However, due to the nature of wireless communication, there are places where the quality of your reception dips. Whether you are in the basement of a building or at the furthest reaches of your job site, there are places within your network that act as “dead zones” where you won’t be able to get a signal of any kind until you exit the dead zone. You need to have the ability to talk with every member of your team at all times, so finding ways to eliminate these dead zones or extend your network as much as possible is crucial.

What Causes Dead Zones?

Your network operates using wireless radio waves. Radio waves travel significant distances, and your radios can pick up the signal quite well. However, as their signal travels through objects and gets further away from the source, the weaker the signal gets. In cases where your team member is in a basement or in the far reaches of your job site with plenty of concrete structures, rocks, and the like in the way, the signal can potentially wholly drop off, and you become stuck in a dead zone.

Dead zones interrupt your communication capabilities and create a potential crisis. Instead of determining where dead zones are within your network and making your team avoid those areas, wouldn’t it be nice to have the infrastructure in place to deal with the weakening signals? With the help of Delmarva Communications, you can!

How Improving Network Infrastructure Can Eliminate Dead Zones

The best way to boost your radio network comes from fortifying your infrastructure. Utilizing technology that helps boost your radio signal’s strength, range and expand the overall coverage helps ensure you are ready to battle the dead zones. Series repeaters receive the initial signal and then retransmits it to help counter obstacles and cover longer distances than would be otherwise possible. For our MOTOTRBO series of repeaters, they help expand your coverage into hard-to-reach areas and help eliminate the presence of dead zones. With the 1000, 5000, and 8000 series of repeaters, you can customize your infrastructure experience based on your specific needs.

Increase Your Network’s Effective Range Today!

When it comes to keeping your team in constant communication with each other, navigating around, or eliminating dead zones entirely, Delmarva Communications has you covered. With the help of our signal repeaters, you can begin to bolster the performance of your Motorola SL300 and Motorola cm200d radios and keep your team moving at optimal efficiency without communication disruptions. Contact Delmarva Communications to place your order today!